3. build your design

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Our custom Wordpress designs start at $400 and give you the opportunity to build your own unique design by adding only the items you want to the base blog design. Be sure to make note of the items you select so you are ready to place your order in the next step. Please read and agree to our terms of service before placing your order.

Base Blog Design

If you need help setting up your own self hosted Wordpress blog (getting a domain, installing Wordpress, etc.) it will be an additional $50.

Choose from the following additional items to build
your very own unique Wordpress design!

The Basics
Navigation Bar w/ Simple Text Links = $20
Adds a colored navigation bar under your header using simple text links. {example}

Navigation Bar w/ Custom Buttons = $35
Adds a navigation menu under your header using graphically created coordinating buttons. {example}

Navigation Bar w/ Drop Down Menu = $50
Adds a navigation menu under your header with drop-down categories. {example}

Full Width Header and Navigation Bar = $20
Header and navigation bar will span the whole width of your blog. This is an additional styling option, you must also choose one of the above navigation bar selections. (Thesis theme only) {example}

The Accessories
Favicon = $10
Places a custom icon next to your url in the address bar and window tab. {example}

Post Title Icon = $10
Adds an embellished icon to the left of the post title. {example}

Post Signature = $10

Adds a custom signature to the bottom of each post. {example}

Post Divider = $10
Adds an embellished divider between each post. {example}

Sidebar Embellishment = $10 each
Adds a custom quote, poem, or coordinating image to fancy-up your sidebar. {example}

Embellished Sidebar Title = $10 each
Adds an embellished title to one of your sidebar categories. {example}

Embellished Sidebar Picture = $10 each
Adds embellishments and/or text to one of your sidebar pictures. {example}

Linkable Sidebar Button = $10 each
Places a custom button on your sidebar that links to an internal or external page. {example}

Watermark for Blog Pictures = $15
A custom watermark for you to add to the pictures you post on your blog. {example}

Custom Post and/or Sidebar Title Fonts = $20
Replaces the standard blogger post and/or sidebar title fonts with a custom font. {example} {example}

Blog Button w/Share Code = $25
Adds a coordinating button with share code to your sidebar. {example}

Social Gear

Twitter Background = $25
Adds a custom designed background to your Twitter page. {example}

Social Network Buttons = $30
Adds coordinating social network buttons that link to your social networks. {example}

Facebook Landing Page = $30
Adds a custom graphic as a welcome tab to your Facebook fan page. {example}

Business Wear

Etsy Avatar = $10
A 75x75 pixel graphic used to represent your Etsy shop in forums, convos, chats, etc. {example}

Etsy Banner = $20

A custom designed banner for your Etsy shop. {example}

One-Sided Business Card Design = $35
A one-sided custom business card designed to match your blog or business. {example}

Two-Sided Business Card Design = $50
A two-sided custom business card designed to match your blog or business. {example}

Support Package = $50
A one-time, one hour session of post install assistance.

If there is something you want but don't see above, email us at info@designerblogs.com!