terms for premade designs

Sold "As Is"
Our premade blog designs are sold "as is" meaning we will not alter the existing designs except to personalize them with your own title, text, pictures and/or color choices. If you love a design and want some things altered, you will need to pay for the design as a custom design and then we will gladly make any alterations for you.


Once your new design has been installed to your blog, you agree to keep the Designer Blogs logo and links crediting the designer and kit used on your blog until you remove the design from your blog in its entirety. You are welcome to move the Designer Blogs logo and credits around, but they must remain on your blog until you are finished with the design.

Payment on all premade orders is due upfront. Your order form will link you directly to our Paypal terminal for you to pay immediately upon placing your order. If you have any questions regarding your total or would prefer to speak to us before you pay, click "submit" on the order form (so we receive your order) and then simply exit out of the Paypal terminal and email us your question at orders@designerblogs.com. We will then send you an invoice after your question/concerns have been discussed.

Although we have not lost any widgets (sidebar information) yet with our designs and don't anticipate losing any in the future, we still strongly suggest you save a back up of your blog template before we install your design just in case something should happen. Designer Blogs is not responsible for anything lost due to your failure to backup your template.

Once your Designer Blogs layout has been installed to your blog, you agree not to edit, alter, or share our designs and templates (including the HTML) with anyone for any reason or claim them as your own. Using our designs and templates (including HTML) in a manipulated form or in their entirety to produce a profit in anyway is not permitted. You will be free to add or remove sidebar gadgets (ie: pictures, music, link lists, etc.) and will be able to post as usual after we install, but any altering of the specific items we have designed is prohibited.

Due to the unique nature of blog design, Designer Blogs does not offer refunds on designs already begun. If we have not yet started on your premade design, we will gladly send a refund minus any PayPal checkout fees.