frequently asked questions

Do you do designing for Wordpress, Typepad, and other types of websites?
We currently only design for blogs hosted through Blogger and Wordpress. If your blog is hosted through any other platform, we will not be able to serve you.

Why do you require full payment up front?
Full payment is required up front to help shorten your wait time in the queue. We try to move through the queue as quickly as possible and we've found that waiting for payments to come in holds up that process. Our time is very valuable (we don't have much of it because we are all stay-at-home mommies) and so we need to know you are serious about having us design your blog by having you make payment before we put your name in our queue. When we have to wait around for people to make payments so we can start on their design, it becomes very frustrating for us and for those waiting in the queue.

How long is it from the time I place my order to the time you install?
If you order a custom blog design, the average wait time in the queue is about 1-3 weeks (wait time varies according to demand--see current wait time here). Once your name reaches the top of the queue and work on your design begins, it generally takes only 1-3 days for us to complete your design. Because we have a team of five designer's, we are able to move through the queue rather quickly.

If you order a pre-made blog design, your design will be installed within one week of your paid order.

If you order a $10 blog template, you can install your design within minutes of making payment.

Can I get my blog designed immediately without having to wait in the queue?
We accept only FIVE rush orders a month (rush orders mean we will start on your order within a week). If you need your order rushed you may select the rush option on the order form but you will only receive a rush spot for the month you submit your order if one is available. If our rush spots for that month are full, you will receive one of our rush spots for the following month. The current rush fee for Blogger orders = $150. The current rush fee for Wordpress orders = $200.

Do you offer a discount to returning customers?
Yes. Designer Blogs offers a $10 off discount to returning customers. Once your design is complete, you will receive by email a $10 off coupon that can be applied to any premade, custom, or add-on order. Please save the coupon to your computer because it will need to be uploaded to the order form when you place your next order.

Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes. Click here to learn more.

How do you prioritize "quick fixes?" For instance, say my makeover is complete and I'm happy. Then a few months down the road, I want to change one little thing. Just a simple add-on or a picture change. Do I have to wait in the queue for that?
No, you will not have to wait in the custom queue for simple add-on's. Because add-on's like that only take a small amount of time, your name will be added to the "add-on queue" and will be completed with the spare time we have during or between orders. You are charged the prices listed in our add-on shop for any additions you'd like made. To order additional items, please fill out the add -on order form found in our add-on shop.

How do I go about updating the picture in my header as my family grows?
Simply fill out the order form found in our add-on shop and state the change or addition you are wanting. Your name will be added to the add-on queue and the change will be made as soon as possible. You will be charged $5 per picture each time you need that done (note: if the new picture is a different size and requires your header to be totally re-worked, you will be charged $50/hour).

Are there any additional fees applied to the cost of a blog makeover?
You will be charged additional fees if you choose to use a Design kit or istock graphic in your design. There is also an additional fee of $150-$200 if you choose to rush your order.

Will I lose any information on my blog by having a blog makeover?
No. Your posts and sidebar information (text, links, music, etc) will remain the same, only the look of your blog will change. If you have requested a 3-column layout, your sidebar information will get moved to span down both sidebars, but it will still be free for you to move around once your design is finished. You will be able to post and add information to the sidebar(s) as usual. It is, however, strongly suggested that you save a back-up of your blog just in case something should go wrong.

What if I don't like any of the design kits you have and want to use a kit by a designer you do not have listed?
The designer's listed have each given Designer Blogs express written permission to use their designs in our work. If you find a kit you love by a designer not listed, we can email that designer to seek permission to use their designs (please send us their email so we don't have to spend time hunting for it). Designer Blogs is constantly looking for new designers to work with. However, if permission is not granted, we will not use their designs in our work because that would violate their terms of use.

What do you do with my username and password?
Your privacy is very important to Designer Blogs and your username and password will not be shared with anyone for any reason. Your username and password will not be asked for until your design is ready to be installed and it will only be used for the purpose of installing your blog design. If you have concerns about privacy, you may create a temporary password for your designer to use during installation that can be changed when your installation is finished

Do you provide post-install support?
Yes, for 30 days after we install the design and altered code to your site, we will provide a one hour follow up session to go over any questions or concerns you’ve may have after using it for a while. Once the hour has been used or 30 days have passed you must purchase our Support Package ($50) for further assistance.

If you have additional questions that have not been answered here, please feel free to email