custom design process

Order Form
You place an order by filling out and submitting the order form linked on the site. Your order form will provide your designer the information necessary to create a custom blog design you'll love. Please be as detailed as possible when answering the questions on the form. The more information you share, the easier it will be for your designer to create the look you are hoping for.

Once your order is submitted, you will be automatically re-directed to our Paypal terminal to make payment. Once your order and payment is received, you will receive a reply within 1-2 days from (please check your SPAM folder if you do not receive it within that time frame). Our reply will include an estimated date of when your name will reach the top of the queue and any additional questions we may have regarding your design. Your name will be placed in the custom queue in the order in which we received your order/full payment.

Queue Wait
During your queue wait there are a few things we will need you to get set up for us.

1. Set up Photobucket account - We will need you to set up your own Photobucket account to host the images we use on your blog. You will need to provide us with your username and password for that account once we start on your design. View a tutorial about how to do this here.

2. Set up a Webs account - This only applies if you ordered a custom post title font and/or custom sidebar title font. We use Webs as part of programming your titles in a different font than Blogger provides. Your designer will also need your login information for this. View a tutorial about how to do this here.

3. Set up pages - This only applies if you have ordered a navigation bar. If you do not already have a navigation bar set up, please follow the tutorial here to get your pages set up. Once your pages are set up, we will need you to send us the direct links to each page.

4. Send any addition information - Please send us any additional information we will need once we start on your design that you may not have included with your order (pictures, text for titles, etc.) . We will file everything you send us during this time with your order.

Design Process
When your name reaches the top of the queue, you will receive an email from your designer with any questions she may have for you before she starts on your design. Each design is created using a preview blog. The link to your preview blog will be emailed to you as soon as your blog preview is ready for you to view. Because your feedback plays such an important part in creating a design you will love, there will usually be a quick succession of emails taking place during this time, so please check your email frequently to help speed the design process along. Your designer will gladly make any revisions you request to assure you are 100% happy with it, but if your requests for revisions become overly excessive, meaning they take longer than usual and start cutting into the next clients design time, she will give you a warning and then start charging you $30/hour for the additional time. Once your name reaches the top of the queue and we start on your design, it generally only takes about 1-5 days to complete and install your design.

Once you are pleased with the look of your blog, your designer will then ask for your blogger username and password so she can access your blog to install your new layout. If you have concerns about sharing your login information, you may create a temporary password that can be changed after installation or you may temporarily add your designer as an administrator to your blog. Please note that major revisions will not be made to your blog after it has been installed, so please be sure you are 100% happy with your design before you give the okay to install. Installation usually takes about 5-15 minutes depending on the size of the design you have purchased. During installation we ask that you please not make any changes to your blog.

If you have any additional questions that are not answered here, in the FAQ's, or Terms of Design, please feel free to email: